Australian Made Solar Panels

Harness the potential of the Australian sun

Tindo’s Solar Panels Adelaide

At Tindo Solar we build high-quality solar panels designed to withstand the extremes of Australia’s climate.

With our Australian-made, state-of-the-art solar panels, all Australians can access reliable, clean energy from the sun. If you want to slash your energy bills and be part of the clean energy revolution, the answer is always Tindo.

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  • Made in Australia for Australians
  • Genuine 25-year repair or replacement warranty
  • Industry recognised performance
Demonstrated Quality & Performance in Solar Energy Production

At Tindo Solar we make excellent solar panels, for Australian conditions.

We’ve been building them for over a decade and have learnt a thing or two about the difference between a good panel and a great panel. We take time to craft each panel and make sure only the best panels leave the factory.

It’s a fact that every single Tindo panel passes through more than 25 quality control and checkpoints during the manufacturing process. We’ve done this to ensure that what leaves our place and is installed at your place will deliver a long term, reliable energy solution.

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Solar Panels Manufactured in SA

Why solar Adelaide?

Solar power is becoming the favoured energy choice for a vast number of Australians due to the many benefits it offers. Our climate and independent living situations make this an ideal set up for making the most of solar.

Tindo’s solar panels Adelaide

Solar panels in Adelaide are a great way to reduce your ongoing electricity costs.
Tindo Solar manufactures high-quality solar panels in Australia, and we have solar solutions to suit all homes and businesses. If you’re ready to find out how much you can save by switching to solar energy, the team at Tindo Solar is here to help.

Our solar panel factory in Adelaide

Tindo’s Adelaide solar manufacturing plant is situated in the heart of Technology Park, a 65 hectare site, located 12 km north of the Adelaide CBD, adjacent to the Mawson Lakes residential development and the University of South Australia’s Mawson Lakes campus.

SA solar panel packages to suit any home and budget

Every home is different, and all families have varying energy consumption levels. When looking for solar companies in Adelaide, Tindo Solar should be your first phone call because we offer completely tailored solutions. With our Australian-made solar panels and trusted brands of inverters and solar batteries in Adelaide, we’ve got the perfect system for any budget.

Our team consults with you, determining your peak energy needs and designing a solar system in Adelaide that matches your renewable energy goals. Some people want complete independence from the grid with a package that includes solar batteries. Others simply want to save some money with an affordable solar system. No matter your goals, we’ve got solar solutions to suit them.

Solar batteries Adelaide

When it comes to solar batteries in Adelaide, you won’t find better than Tindo Solar. We offer a range of battery solutions to suit modern homes and businesses. Solar batteries in Adelaide let you store excess solar power for later use, such as in the evenings or on cloudy days when solar generation is lower. They also provide excellent protection against power outages, ensuring you always have reliable power.

Tindo Solar offers a great selection of solar batteries from trusted brands such as Tesla, Sonnen, SolarEdge and Enphase. If you want complete independence from fossil fuels and the unreliable national grid, speak to our team today. We can recommend solar batteries in Adelaide that can store all the power you’ll ever need.

Looking for trusted solar companies in Adelaide?

If you’re ready to switch to solar, Tindo is here to help. As an Australian-owned company, we’re proud that our solar panels are manufactured right here in Australia. Our innovative design team has spent years refining our processes and implementing the strictest quality control measures. This gives you peace of mind that your solar panels in Adelaide are built to last.

As your trusted solar energy experts, we can help you save money while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. We’ve been helping Adelaide residents and businesses harness the sun’s power for over a decade, and we’re only just getting started. So, contact us today and let us design the perfect solar system for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why invest in Tindo Australian-made solar panels?

The major reason to invest in quality solar panels is performance. Our Tindo solar panels are manufactured using anti-reflective glass, innovative wiring technology, and reduced internal resistance. In simple terms, this means better performance and more energy output.

At Tindo, we operate with strict quality-control mechanisms, ensuring that every solar panel we sell has been through over 25 quality-control checkpoints. We offer an impressive 25-year warranty, giving you peace of mind that your solar panels will keep producing for a number of years to come.

We also build our solar panels tough. They’re tried and tested in harsh Australian climates and can withstand anything mother nature throws at them. IP68-rated, our panels withstand rain, wind and, of course, plenty of sun.

Why are our South Australian-made solar panels better?

Supporting local means supporting your local economy. By manufacturing our solar panels right here in South Australia, we’re providing jobs to South Australians. More than this, by manufacturing our solar panels locally, we are able to ensure strict quality control processes are implemented every step of the way. Resulting in solar panels that simply can’t be beaten.

In addition to this, we are able to look at solar panel failure rates worldwide. The global average sees around 1 in every 1,000 solar panels failing. Tindo Solar panels only fail 1 in every 200,000, making our panels 200 times more reliable as the global average.

Do Tindo solar panels work for Adelaide commercial properties?

Yes! At Tindo, we offer panels and solar panel systems for both Adelaide residential homes and commercial properties. Each of our South Australian made solar panels are constructed with premium materials, and tried and are put through stringent testing ensuring that they meet our high-quality standards.

As experts in solar energy, our highly- trained solar installers can design and install the right solar system for any South Australian commercial property or home.

What are the benefits of Tindo's Australian-made solar panels?

When you buy Australian-made solar panels, you’re investing in your future. Switching to solar can save you plenty of money on electricity bills, but you only get the full benefit when you purchase high-quality solar systems.

  • Save money
    Arguably, the best reason to invest in Australian-made solar panels is to save money. High-performance Tindo solar panels let you harness free, clean energy from the sun, potentially slashing thousands from your annual electricity bill.
  • 25-year warranty
    We’re proud of the innovative, durable solar panels we manufacture. We’re also confident that they’ll perform to a high standard for years to come, which is why we offer a generous 25-year warranty on our solar panels.
  • Tested for Australia
    Many overseas solar panel manufacturers claim their panels are built for Aussie conditions. But at Tindo, we live and breathe Australian conditions. We build tough solar panels to ensure they can withstand the extreme heat and cold of Australia’s changing seasons.
  • Experience
    Not only do we know a lot about Australian conditions, but we also know a lot about solar. Tindo was founded in 2011, and since that time, we have refined our manufacturing processes to ensure better solar systems and, importantly, better Australian-made solar panels.
  • Advanced technology
    Solar panels may look simple, but a lot of innovative technology goes into them. From using multiple busbars for increased reliability to using microinverters and optimisers for better performance and system design, you can rest assured that the best technology goes into every Tindo solar panel.

What type of solar panel do I need?

Made right here in Mawson Lakes, South Australia, Tindo solar panels are designed for Australian conditions. We use advanced technology such as ten busbars for lower internal resistance losses. As well as using giant M10 solar cells, which make our panels look better and ensure a higher percentage of the panel surface area can generate energy.

Every Tindo solar panel also features SolarEdge inverters and optimisers for increased energy output and reliability. Overall, Tindo offers the best types of solar panels on the Australian market, suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

How many panels are in a standard solar panel system?

Your solar panel needs are unique to you and your home. There is no set number of panels that are required on a roof. However, in order to achieve a certain amount of solar energy generation, you’ll require a certain number of panels. The number of solar panels required varies depending on your system size, available roof space and energy consumption needs.

To explore which customer solar system is right for your Adelaide home or business, speak with one of our expert solar energy consultants today! We take the time to ensure that your new solar panel system is tailored to your needs, always ensuring that you have enough solar panels to meet your energy goals.

What size solar system do I need?

The required solar system size varies from house to house. You must consider your historical energy consumption to determine how much kWh you use daily. This is a basic way to determine your needs, but our Tindo Solar experts look a little deeper.

We analyse when you use the most power, considering peaks and troughs throughout the year. With this data, we can determine which size system will comfortably service your energy needs all year round.

A 6.6kW system is enough for most Australian households. Still, it depends on the number of people living there, how much energy is consumed and whether you want to store or sell excess solar energy.

Is it worth buying more solar panels than I need for my Adelaide property?

When it comes to solar, the more panels you have, the more you save. Our expert solar energy consultants will work with you to determine what your energy needs are at peak consumption levels and design a system that is the perfect fit for your Adelaide property.

Some Adelaide homeowners install solar panels as a way to store more power in their solar battery and export more solar energy to the grid. Most electricity retailers offer a feed-in tariff that gives you credit for the solar you ship. However, it’s worth mentioning that the credit rates aren’t usually high, so we don’t advise installing an extensive solar panel system if your only goal is to export more solar.

How much energy does a 10kW solar system produce?

Weather conditions affect how much energy your Australian-made solar panels can generate. But on a sunny day with clear skies, you can expect a 10kW solar energy system to produce around 40kWh of energy per day. This should be ample power to run most Australian households, but it’s important to remember that every home is different. It’s always best to consult your Tindo Solar experts to get the best-size solar system for your needs.

What return on investment do solar panels provide?

Several factors determine your return on investment (ROI) for solar systems. Essentially, a solar system is considered to have paid for itself when your energy savings total the same amount as your upfront installation costs. Therefore, how much you save depends on how much energy you use and when you use it.

For example, let’s say your solar system costs you $5,000. If you save $1,000 on electricity bills yearly, the system pays for itself in five years. To accurately determine ROI, you also need to factor in the initial cost of your system. Don’t worry – our energy consultants give you an accurate ROI assessment during your consultation.

How long does solar system installation take?

Most solar system installations can be completed within a day. The system’s size, location, property access, and weather conditions can affect the installation process, but as a guide, we recommend most installations take one day. When our energy consultants meet with you, they will inspect your property and give you a better estimate of how long your installation will take.

Which direction should my solar panels face?

The generally accepted direction for your solar panels to face is north. North-facing panels usually experience more sunlight during the day, which increases solar energy production. In some cases, facing your panels directly north may not be possible, especially if trees or other buildings are obscuring the sun from that direction. In this case, you would ideally try to position your solar panels facing northwest or northeast.

The tilt level is also an important factor, which varies depending on your home’s latitude. For example, in Adelaide, the recommended tilt is around 30 degrees, but in Darwin, it is 18 degrees. Again, you don’t need to worry because our solar experts always find the optimal position for your solar panels.

Are Australian-made solar panels better?

Since we manufacture Australian-made solar panels, we may be a little biased. However, we manufacture in Australia for several reasons. Firstly, we’re a proud Australian company that wants to contribute to the Aussie economy in a positive way. But also, we maintain total control over our manufacturing processes. Our solar panels go through over 25 quality control checkpoints before leaving the factory.

One statistic we like to consider is the average failure rate of solar panels. The global average sees around 1 in every 1,000 solar panels failing. Tindo Solar panels only fail 1 in every 200,000, making our panels 200 times more reliable than the global average. So, for this and many other reasons, we do believe that Tindo solar panels are better than their overseas counterparts.

Are Tindo solar panels tested before sale?

They certainly are. All of our solar panel systems are South Australian made, we have complete control over the manufacturing process. Before leaving our Mawson Lakes factory, every solar panel passes over 25 quality control checkpoints, so you can rest assured you’re getting quality products.

Our materials, such as glass, film and junction boxes, are stress-tested separately. We also use electroluminescence testing, highlighting defaults the naked eye can’t see, such as fingerprints or micro cracks. We then apply flash testing, which mimics the strength of the sun’s rays, ensuring our panels perform efficiently when in action.

How can I maximise my solar panels?

There are heaps of ways to get more out of your solar panels. Firstly, keep them clean and well-maintained. Washing them with warm, soapy water is advised twice a year, and you should have them serviced once a year for peace of mind.

Also, consider when you use solar power. Your system produces the most energy during daylight hours, so try to program expensive appliances like dishwashers and washing machines to run during the day. This means less reliance on the national grid and lower electricity bills.

Are government rebates available for solar panels made in Australia?

Both state and federal governments offer solar panel rebates. These change frequently, but you should always ask us about current rebates. We’ll let you know what’s available in your state and even help you take advantage of them with as little hassle as possible.

Do you offer special solar energy packages?

We don’t offer set solar system packages because every home is different. Rather, we consult thoroughly to determine your needs and tailor a system to suit them. Our prices are still affordable, so don’t worry!

Why should I consider solar battery storage?

Solar batteries allow you to store excess power for the evenings (or when the sun isn’t shining). They also give you a reliable source of power in the event of a blackout or if something goes wrong with your solar panels. While there is an upfront cost for solar battery installation, many people enjoy the added energy independence. It’s also a great investment if you’re considering an electric vehicle in the future, as you may be able to charge it every evening with free solar energy.

Reliable, Clean Solar Energy at Home

Residential Solar systems mean cleaner, more reliable and affordable energy at home.

With new technology, such as Batteries and Electric Vehicles increasing in popularity, the choice of panel has never been more important. Our panels are designed and engineered to withstand everything our Australian climate can throw at them, and produce power for you and your family over their lifetime

Tindo systems are designed and installed based on your current needs and future aspirations, ensuring immediate and long-term financial benefits. Selecting Tindo panels for your home is the smart choice, paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future for you and your family.

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Renewable Energy Solutions for Your Business

Solar power for your business is an investment and a commitment to a sustainable future.

Regardless of your business’s scale or whether you own or lease your space, harnessing the power of sunlight allows you to utilise real-time energy production, store surplus power for uninterrupted operations, and even offer staff and customers EV charging facilities.

We work closely with you to develop the optimal solar solution, considering the big picture and aligned with your needs, budget and ESG objectives. Embark on your commercial solar journey today and ensure a brighter future with a Tindo solar system for your business.

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Tindo offers a bespoke solar service.

We tailor a high-quality solution uniquely for you, one that will suit your unique situation. See how with our simple 3 step process below.


You tell us about your energy needs

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We collaborate with you to personalise a solar solution for your home or business – no heavy sales guys!


Your solar system is installed, and you enjoy your sunshine generated electricity.

Read what our customers are saying about Tindo Solar.
Tindo Solar

Love my solar and I am so proud to have supported an all Australian company that has provided the Rolls Royce of solar. 25 year replacement guarantee if the panel does not perform.

Thank you Tindo for your great service and giving me peace of mind that I have purchased a quality system and I have assisted to reduce greenhouse emissions.

If you are looking at buying solar, I did a lot of research. In my opinion Tindo Solar was the best and reasonably competitive with pricing for a premium quality system. Love the team at Tindo Solar.

Wattle Park
Tindo Solar

We chose to go with Tindo because they manufacture in Adelaide, are Australian owned and we wanted to be able to have repairs and parts etc easily accessible over the years. They are super great to deal with, always answer the phone, have a fantastic installation team and electricians. We have 28 panels on our roof and the cost saving on bills is amazing. My dad chose Tindo over 10 years ago for his solar system and has never had an issue. We are a very happy Tindo family.

Colonel Light Gardens
Tindo Solar

Tindo Solar is a very reliable solar company, most of all its panels are locally manufactured. The installation went very well, the installers were courteous, tidy and mindful of everything they did. We kind of expected that we would be cleaning up dust as a result of the installation on the roof and drilling on the wall but we never did! They cleaned everything and it's as if nothing had happened. Tindo did their post installation follow up and continue to monitor until the system is up and running as well as the monitoring app on our phone. Highly recommended!

St Mary’s

Australia’s Only Solar Panel Manufacturing Plant

Manufacturing has undergone a number of changes in the last decade and factories look significantly different now to what they did in the past.

We invite anyone to come and tour our factory to see how our panels are made. Individuals, School and Community Groups, Businesses and associates can tour our facility, getting up close to see how we take raw inputs and turn them into something spectacular.

Need to see it for yourself?
If you can’t get to Adelaide, we’ve got you covered with a virtual tour video here.

At Tindo Solar, we’re
looking to the sun.
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