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Inject a little sunshine into your business.

In a world where operational efficiency and environmental leadership matter more than ever, solar power is an investment that transcends savings—it’s a commitment to a sustainable future, a pledge to reduce your carbon footprint, and a strategic step towards fulfilling your ESG objectives.

Solar energy isn’t just a solution for mega-corporations; it’s an opportunity for businesses of all sizes. Harnessing the power of sunlight allows you to utilise real-time energy production, store surplus power for uninterrupted operations, and even offer staff and customers EV charging facilities. It’s about taking control and ensuring a brighter future for your enterprise.

Regardless of your business’s scale or whether you own or lease your space, our dedicated Commercial Solar Consultants will work closely with you to develop the optimal solar solution, aligned with your needs and budget. We’ve empowered countless business owners, to take control of their energy costs and install renewable energy. Embark on your commercial solar journey today and let’s start the conversation about your transition to solar.

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Panels Made In Australia For Australians

Designed and manufactured right here in Australia, Tindo solar panels are purpose-built to conquer the diverse challenges posed by our unique climate.

Renowned for their exceptional quality and unwavering performance, Tindo solar panels embody our relentless commitment to excellence. With meticulous attention to detail and stringent quality control measures, we ensure our panels endure whatever nature throws their way.

Independently tested, Tindo panels consistently lead the market, delivering high energy outputs and maintaining peak performance throughout their lifespan. Choosing Tindo panels means embracing unmatched quality and a product backed by individuals in business, individuals just like you. We tailor systems exclusively for your requirements, ensuring immediate savings and a sustainable future powered by efficiency and long-term value.

Selecting Tindo panels kick-starts your journey towards energy independence, efficiency, and a cleaner future for your business, your customers, and your community.

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Supporting Your Journey To Net Zero

Climate change is giving business owners and managers challenges now and will no doubt be an ongoing issue we all must face in the future.

By achieving Net Zero status, individuals, communities, and companies can significantly contribute to mitigating climate change and creating a more sustainable future. Achieving NetZero in your business provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Strengthening Environmental Credentials
    Customers are increasingly concerned about the environment and are seeking to make more climate-conscious buying decisions. Working towards Net Zero is a valuable tool to build your reputation and it is a marketing advantage for your business.
  • Growing your market share
    An authentic commitment to Net Zero is a valuable took for growing your market share, especially for businesses working in a competitive B2B space. Government and other Public Sector tenders are setting requirements for businesses to demonstrate their environmental commitment and progress.
  • Reductions in costs
    Reducing your energy, waste and water costs is a significant advantage for any business. Investing in renewable energy and other carbon reduction initiatives now could also ensure you avoid future taxes and charges in these areas.
Did you know that SME’s can show their Net Zero commitment by signing up to participate in the SME Climate Hub?

Benefits of Commercial Solar Systems

Reduced Energy Costs

Safeguard Against Price Increases

Energy Stability

Mastering Solar Expertise


Solar for Manufacturing

The Australian Manufacturing Industry is a ravenous energy consumer. As energy costs escalate, maintaining viability becomes an enormous challenge for Business Leaders. Solar energy, coupled with battery storage, plays a crucial role in supporting these businesses. With our extensive experience in assisting Medium to Large-scale manufacturing facilities, we offer viable long-term solutions. Our own factory proudly includes a solar array reducing our reliance on the grid and helping us to uniquely manufacture renewables with renewable energy.

View Solar for Manufacturing Case Study – Detmold Group

Solar for Councils & Governments

Public infrastructure often features expansive roof spaces ideal for solar installations. By generating clean electricity, we help government bodies power public places efficiently, enhancing sustainability and reducing electricity costs. Community energy solutions empower LGAs and various levels of Government to lead the transition to clean, reliable, and renewable energy.

Solar for Viticulture and Agriculture

Vineyards, wineries, and agriculture were early adopters of commercial solar energy, leveraging their vast structures and land for solar arrays. Our expertise ensures that winemakers, growers, and farmers maximise the value of their solar solutions, tailoring green energy alternatives to individual business needs. Off-grid systems and energy storage options amplify cost savings and reliability, revolutionising the way businesses thrive.

Solar for Education Facilities and Schools

Investing in solar energy for education facilities and schools isn’t just about reducing operational costs—it’s about investing in the future. Solar power provides an opportunity to instil sustainability values in the next generation, showcasing responsible energy practices firsthand. By harnessing the sun’s power, educational institutions can redirect saved funds towards enriching academic programs and fostering a culture of environmental consciousness. Let’s illuminate the path to a brighter, greener tomorrow for our students and our planet.

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