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If you’re considering making the shift to solar for your home or investment property, Tindo can offer you a tailored solution with a can’t miss EOFY deal on now until the end of June!

Our solar solutions are crafted to provide you with clean, reliable, and cost-effective energy now and well into the future. Discover the multitude of benefits that solar can bring to Australian homeowners by contacting our team today! T&C’s Apply

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Empower your energy independence like never before – battery storage opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to take charge of your energy consumption. Say goodbye to energy limitations and embrace a lifestyle where clean, sustainable power is always at your fingertips.

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Choosing the right solar for you

Every family and household is different, so it is best to chat with our experienced team about what size solar panel system will best suit your needs. Several factors will come into play, including the size and orientation of your available roof space, your electricity usage habits and, of course, your budget. Many homeowners begin with a 5kW unit, an average-sized system. If this is optimally located, operates at 85% efficiency, and receives an average of 4.5 hours of peak sun daily, the results can be awe-inspiring. The output for a system like this would range from 15kWh per day in winter to over 25kWh in summer.

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