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Great rates on green loans

Plenti green loans are powered by smart technology, enabling a faster fairer experience. Tap, swipe, click. Enjoy a completely paperless borrowing experience that’s fast and simple.

1. Check your eligibility

1 minute, 10 simple questions. That is all you need for Plenti to provide you with an estimate of how much you’ll qualify to borrow.

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Complete your green loan application with just a tap or a click in under 10 minutes.

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Once approved and accepted Plenti will transfer your funds within two days

What is a green loan? 

A green loan is simply a type of personal loan. The more important question is: what is a green loan for? Well, it can be used to fund the purchase and installation of approved clean energy products. You might have also heard it called green financing, solar financing or a renewable loan. Whatever you call it, it’s a win, win kind of loan – helping you lower your energy bills while doing your bit for the planet.

Green loans are often offered at a lower interest rate than traditional loans, making it easier for you to play your part in a more sustainable future.

But, like most kinds of finance, green loans come in a few different shapes and sizes. It’s important that you understand your options so you can pick a green loan that works for you

  • Secured or unsecured?
  • Fixed or variable?

How do green loans Work?

  • Late payment fees
  • Break costs or early termination fees
  • Deferred establishment fees
  • Broker fees (when taking out a loan through a broker, the broker’s service fees aren’t included in the comparison rate, which can be significant)

What are Green Loans used for?

  • Solar panels and home batteries
  • Solar pool heating units
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Energy-efficient air conditioning units
  • Hybrid low emission cars
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Power factor correction
  • Variable speed and frequency drives

How do I apply for a green loan?

  • Over 18 years of age, and in some cases over 21.
  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Earning at least $25,000 per year, from a regular, proven source of income. If you are self employed you will have to provide additional information.
  • The holder of a provisional or full driver’s licence.
  • proof of identification: an Australian drivers licence or a passport
  • proof of address: copies of your recent utility bills.
  • verification of a stable income: payslips, bank statements or tax returns.
  • details of your expenses and liabilities: bank, credit card and loan statements.
  • Your employment stability
  • Your income (eg salary, rent, interest etc)
  • Your expenses (eg mortgage, groceries etc)
  • Your repayment history on other loans
  • Credit agency/bureau information (Credit Report and Score/Rating)
  • Which Green Energy installer you are planning to engage, and are they an accredited service provider.
  • How much money you’ve borrowed in the past
  • How much credit you currently have
  • How many, and what type of credit applications, you’ve made (This can now include payday loans and buy-now-pay-later services such as AfterPay.)
  • Whether you usually pay your bills and loan repayments on time
  • Any loan defaults
  • Any court judgments
  • Information from your bank, telco, insurance and utility companies
  • Your age, address and employment situation
  • Up to two years of your general financial history

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