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Did you know that 1 in 3 Australian homes has already embraced the benefits of a rooftop solar energy system?

If you’re considering making the shift to solar for your home or investment property, Tindo Solar is here to offer you a tailored solution. Our solar solutions are crafted to provide you with clean, reliable, and cost-effective energy now and well into the future.

Gone are the days of high feed-in tariffs, but the advantages of solar go beyond immediate financial gains. Property reports consistently show that homes equipped with solar systems tend to have higher values than those without. Discover the multitude of benefits that solar can bring to Australian homeowners.

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Panels Made in Australia for Australian homes

Our panels are proudly made in Australia. We’ve invested time and resources to create a product that is robust and dependable, capable of withstanding the challenges posed by the diverse weather patterns of our country.

Renowned for their high-quality build and durability, our panels have been independently tested in demanding conditions, consistently ranking among the best. With meticulous attention to detail and stringent quality control measures, we ensure our panels can handle whatever mother nature throws their way.

Choosing Tindo panels is a premium decision, selecting a better-built panel that stands the test of time. We design and install systems based on your current needs and future aspirations, ensuring immediate and long-term financial benefits.

Selecting Tindo panels for your home is the smart choice, paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future for you and your family.

Maximise the potential of your solar energy
system with advanced battery storage

Elevate your solar experience with Tindo’s cutting-edge battery solutions.

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Our residential and commercial batteries are engineered to seamlessly capture and store surplus energy generated by your solar system during daylight hours. This stored power is ready to be harnessed on demand – whether it’s under the sun’s rays, during tranquil nights, or even during unexpected grid disruptions.

Empower your energy independence like never before – battery storage opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to take charge of your energy consumption. Say goodbye to energy limitations and embrace a lifestyle where clean, sustainable power is always at your fingertips.

Benefits of Solar for Homeowners in Adelaide & Melbourne

Reduced Electricity Bills

Increase Property Value

Decrease the Use of Fossil Fuels

Find out what benefits your solar
system could generate.

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