Solar battery storage solutions in Adelaide

Solar Batteries Adelaide

Battery storage for solar systems has arrived and is here to stay!

We can supply and install the best next-gen solar batteries at great prices from leading brands including Tesla, sonnen, SolarEdge and Enphase.

The new generation of solar-connected batteries available in Australia cost less, require minimal maintenance, are efficient, safe and are a good-looking addition to your home. These battery power systems quietly work away without hassle, helping you to make the most of your valuable solar-generated power.

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Home solar battery systems

Whether you already have a grid-connected solar system with panels and an inverter or are completely new to solar, you might be asking why you need a solar battery. Well, there are a number of reasons to consider including a solar battery in your system.

Firstly, you can achieve more energy independence by storing excess solar energy and using it when the sun stops shining. Rather than paying for electricity in the evenings, you can access free solar energy from your battery, which saves you even more money.

With less reliance on the main grid, you’re also protected against power outages. As long as your solar panels and battery run smoothly, you won’t have to deal with annoying outages. Plus, you’ll also reduce your carbon footprint even further. What’s not to love about solar batteries?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do solar batteries work with all inverter systems?

Whether you have a microinverter system, or a conventional inverter system, all existing grid connected solar systems of any type can be retrofitted with an energy storage battery system.

How much can I save with a battery and solar package?

The amount of money you can save with solar battery storage systems is relative to the amount of electricity you typically consume. It also depends on how you use your solar. Let’s say, for example, you install your solar panels, inverter and a solar battery large enough to power your home. In theory, if you never need to draw electricity from the main grid, your savings are equal to your normal annual energy costs.

In some cases, however, you may still need to pay for some energy. For example, if the weather is cloudy for several days in a row, your solar system won’t produce as much energy. Therefore, less solar energy goes into your battery, and you may need to pay for a small amount of electricity. Ultimately, it depends on the size of your system and whether your battery storage is large enough to power your home in the event of prolonged poor solar production.

Are solar batteries worth it?

Solar batteries are definitely worth it for those who want to break free from rising electricity prices and be more self-sufficient. With the right type of solar battery storage system, you may never have to pay for electricity again. You also greatly reduce your carbon footprint, making it a worthwhile investment for the environmentally-conscious.

There is still an upfront cost for solar batteries, but these costs are no longer out of reach. Every household is different, but consider the average annual household electricity cost in Australia, which is roughly $1,700. Divide your total battery cost by your annual electricity costs, and this is how many years it takes for your solar system to pay for itself. After that, the savings are all yours.

Do feed-in tariffs still apply if I have a battery?

Yes, you can still access feed-in tariffs if you have a solar battery. Most people still maintain a connection to the national energy grid, even after installing a solar battery. This provides a stable backup in the event of a problem with your system. As such, you may still pay for a small amount of electricity throughout the year, and you can receive credits against these costs by exporting solar to the main grid.

The only difference when you include a solar battery is that excess energy goes towards filling your battery first, and then exports to the main grid when your battery is full. So, if you’re interested in accessing more feed-in tariff credits, you should ensure your solar system is capable of producing more energy than you typically need.

Do solar batteries protect against blackouts?

While a solar battery won’t prevent blackouts because they occur in the national grid, they can certainly protect your home against the effects of blackouts. When there’s a power outage somewhere in the national grid, you won’t need to worry because you don’t source your power from there. Your power, ideally, comes from your solar panels and solar batteries. So, unless there’s a problem with your system and you try to access power from the main grid during a power outage, you’ll be affected just like everybody else. However, if there’s power in your solar battery, you can keep enjoying a fully-powered home without fear of blackouts.

Get more from your solar power system with battery storage!

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