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The standard residential rooftop solar installation includes premium Tindo Karra solar panels and an inverter of your choice. It is what’s known as an on-grid or grid-connected solar system. It is Australia’s most common type of solar installation and can help homeowners considerably reduce their electricity bills.

The crucial part of choosing your solar system is understanding your energy consumption. That’s why we tailor solar systems to suit your specific needs. Our expert solar consultants analyse your historical and recent energy bills to determine how much, and, importantly, when you use your power. With this data, we can customise a solar installation that gives all the free solar energy you need to power your home.

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Solar panel and battery packages

If you want to upgrade your existing solar system or switch for the first time, Tindo Solar offers terrific solar panels and battery packages to suit every household. Including a solar battery storage solution in your system lets you take advantage of free solar energy for more hours of the day. Rather than exporting the excess solar energy you produce, you can store it in a solar battery and use it in the evening when your panels stop producing.

Tindo Solar offers a range of batteries, including Tesla Powerwall, sonnenBatterie, SolarEdge and Enphase IQ. All are exceptional quality, and we will recommend the best options for your unique energy needs. Batteries also provide excellent backup power in the event of a power failure – you’ll always have free solar energy to draw on.

How do on-grid solar packages work?

In an on-grid solar connection, solar panels produce solar energy when the sun shines. Your inverter converts solar energy into usable AC energy that powers your home. If you produce more energy than you need, the excess gets exported to the main grid, and you receive a credit on your power bill (if you’re on a solar feed-in tariff).

You rely on the national grid for your power in the evenings or when the sun isn’t shining. You purchase this through an electricity retailer just like before installing solar. Rest assured, you’ll still save plenty of money by powering your home with free solar energy at all times when the sun is shining.

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What is off-grid solar?

The term ‘off-grid’ solar means you are no longer connected to the national energy grid. So, you have no relationship with an electricity retailer and pay no bills. It can be achieved with a suitable number of solar panels and enough battery storage to cover you in the event of low or no solar production. Some customers choose to have a backup generator, too, just in case they run out of solar.

If you’re interested in being completely self-sufficient and off the grid, speak to the experts at Tindo Solar today.

Easy installation

To begin the process and help you make sure you’re choosing the right system, we will send a solar contractor to visit your property and assess the site. We will be able to offer advice about the size and location of your panel system and get an idea of how we can approach installation. Many people assume the roof is the only spot for efficient panels, whereas our technicians know that sheds, carports and garage roofs can work well and give you some much-needed extra space.

Depending on orientation, a roof angle of between 30˚ and 45˚ is ideal, and our energy consultants will assess your potential solar sites to deliver the best solar installation for your home.

Some people are a little concerned with the appearance of solar panels on their roofs. If this is the case, we can use advanced design software to create a three-dimensional image of the appearance of your system on your roof. It’s a great tool to help visualise the final result. After this, we will arrange for the installation to be carried out by a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited technician at a time that suits you. For an average 5kW system, the installation should take approximately one day.

Access generous government incentives

Are you concerned about the cost of solar packages in your area? Help is at hand thanks to the Federal Government’s generous solar uptake incentives. The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme is one of these incentives, giving homeowners the ability to receive an upfront reduction in the cost of solar panel and battery packages.

Each state often has other incentives and rebates for those wishing to switch to solar. We won’t list them here because they can change regularly, but it’s well worth investigating your state Government’s solar offers. When you work with Tindo Solar, we can also inform you about any current incentives to help you switch to cleaner, greener, free solar energy.

Australian-made Tindo solar panels

All Tindo solar panels are manufactured in Australia, using extremely high-quality, hand-picked components.

More importantly, every panel is thoroughly tested for harsh Australian conditions. Our solar panels are tested at the Desert Knowledge Centre in Alice Springs, ensuring they meet the highest durability standards.

We take great pride in being Australian-made and want all Australians to have access to high-quality, durable solar panels. We’ve been making panels for over 10 years and have developed a reputation for excellence. Our installed fleet of panels has a failure rate that is 200 times less than that of our competitors. If that doesn’t indicate durability and reliability, we don’t know what does. It’s part of why we’ve increased our solar panel warranty from 12 to 25 years.

Get started in tailoring a solar package to suit your needs.

If you’re interest in taking the next step in your energy independence, speak to the experts today.

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