SolarEdge Home Battery

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Known for leading inverter technology, and PV system monitoring, SolarEdge has now released its new home battery!

The SolarEdge Home Battery is an innovative energy solution for all residential solar installations. SolarEdge is widely known for its inverter products, but they are now bringing their extensive knowledge to solar batteries.

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Why do I need a SolarEdge battery?

Solar batteries are an integral part of any modern solar installation. It’s not essential to have one, and there is an upfront cost attached to them. But those with solar battery storage certainly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Without a solar battery, you need to either use your solar energy as it is produced or export it to the grid for a small credit on your electricity bill. Once the sun goes down, you draw power from the national grid and pay for it. Add a solar battery, and you can store that excess solar power in the evenings.

Ultimately, it saves you more money, reducing your electricity expenses to almost nothing.

  • SolarEdge Energy Hub + SolarEdge Home Battery
    • Lower grid dependence with up to 94.5% round-trip efficiency
    • Run your home on stored energy during peak tariff hours.
    • Boost your savings by adding up to three SolarEdge Home Batteries per Energy Hub inverter.
    • Get paid to save the day — certain state-based battery incentives can help you earn cash back for supporting a cleaner energy grid.
  • DC coupled to get more from your solar
    Thanks to SolarEdge’s DC coupling, excess solar produced by your panels will automatically be stored in the battery. Only if your battery is fully charged will your SolarEdge system send excess solar to the national grid. So, if you love your feed-in tariff but love saving money even more, you can get the best of both worlds.
    Also, SolarEdge’s home battery features the mySolarEdge app that gives you greater control over your energy consumption. You can track and monitor real-time power usage and even check current solar production levels. These insights help you to manage how and when you use your power the most, which helps you maximise the benefits of solar energy.
  • Made for easy installation
    SolarEdge has really looked after the installers with its new residential solar home battery. The wireless connection between your inverter and battery makes this the perfect plug-and-play solution. The battery can also be installed indoors or outdoors and on the wall or floor. This flexibility makes it so much easier for homeowners to choose the most appropriate place for their battery.If you live in a household with high energy consumption, you may find that most batteries don’t give you quite enough storage on their own. SolarEdge has fixed that problem by allowing you to stack up to three SolarEdge Home Batteries per inverter. So, if you need more than one battery, SolarEdge makes it simple.
  • Reliable backup power
    Suppose you have a grid-connected solar installation without a battery. In that case, you rely on the national grid for electricity during the evening (and when your solar system isn’t producing power for other reasons). Not only does this mean you’re paying for power when you don’t need to, but it also leaves you wide open for blackouts. So, even though you have solar energy, you’ll still be left in the dark if the power goes out.Instead, why not install a SolarEdge battery? That way, whenever there’s a power outage in your area, you’ve got a reliable backup source of power, and it all comes from clean, green, free solar energy. As long as your solar battery is charged, you’ll never have to worry about power failures again.

Invest in your home today, get more from your solar through a SolarEdge home battery.

If you’d like to discuss your SolarEdge battery options or have any other questions relating to residential solar installations, contact us today. The friendly team at Tindo Solar is always here to help.

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