SonnenBatterie Evo

A solar battery built for Australian conditions

The new sonnenBatterie Evo is built for the great outdoors, enduring high temperatures of up to 50º Celsius, and gives you the choice to install it inside or out. It is a battery built for Australian conditions. So you can run the air-conditioning all summer long and have peace of mind knowing you’re covered in a blackout. You’re backed up with 5kW continuous and 7kW surge capacity and a Black Start function that can ‘wake’ up an AC-coupled PV system even when the grid is down. The sonnenBatterie Evo is backed with a ten-year warranty.

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The benefits of a Sonnen solar battery

With other battery options available, why should you choose Sonnen? As an authorised sonnenBatterie installer, we believe there are numerous reasons! Here are just a few:

  • 10-year or 10,000 charge cycle warranty (whichever comes first).
  • Designed for the Australian climate and engineered in Germany.
  • First outdoor home battery solution from Sonnen.
  • It can be installed both outdoors or indoors.
  • Intelligent Battery Management System and sonnenInverter.
  • Backup power is included for a 5kW continuous and 7kW surge capacity.
  • Fully integrated AC-coupled storage system.
  • 10kWh of usable storage capacity.
  • Black Start function that ‘wakes’ up an AC-coupled PV system even when the grid is down.

Investing in solar is a great way to save money, but using quality products is essential.

Remember, you want your solar system to produce clean, free energy from the sun for many years. Like anything in life, you get what you pay for, and Sonnen’s reputation for quality solar batteries should be a consideration. Avoid cheap, nasty solar energy components that will ultimately let you down in years to come. Choose a reputable brand like Sonnen, and you’ll enjoy hassle-free solar energy for much longer.

  • German quality – market-leading warranty
    The sonnenBatterie is guaranteed for 10,000 cycles or ten years, giving you peace of mind that your battery system is built to last. This is the best home energy storage warranty around – considerably more generous than competing products!Combine this proven performance with Tindo Solar, which has been installing quality, Australian-made solar solutions throughout Australia, and you’ll be reassured of getting the best possible return from your battery investment.
  • Make more money with sonnenConnect!
    Earn $0.82 per day, and get rewarded for your energy through the sonnenConnect program. sonnenBatterie Evo owners can use their energy storage by joining sonnenConnect, a virtual power plant. Get rewarded for that clean energy you’re not using. Customers with a 4kWh battery capacity or more are eligible. You can stay with your energy retailer and keep your feed-in tariff from the grid.
  • Make the most of your solar system
    Don’t export your high-value solar power for a few cents per kilowatt-hour when you can store it and use it later on as needed. The sonnenBatterie will help you maximise the benefit of your rooftop solar panels and take more control over your grid energy use. While feed-in tariffs are a nice bonus when you export surplus solar energy to the primary grid, the credit you receive is minimal. Then, without a solar battery, you’ll have to buy back that solar energy at a much higher rate than you sold it for.The sonnenBatterie Evo is a complete system consisting of the best quality battery modules, an efficient inverter, an intelligent energy manager and the software to ensure it runs smoothly and at peak performance. This is “plug and play” energy storage at its best. You don’t need to worry about installation and setup because our experienced CEC-approved installers take care of everything.
  • Service you can count on
    Here at Tindo Solar, we live and breathe solar energy. We’ve established ourselves as the only solar manufacturer in Australia, with our Tindo solar panels recognised as extremely high quality. We build and test for Australian conditions, which is another reason we love the sonnenBatterie Evo. But since we love solar so much, you can always be guaranteed to receive the very best service possible.It all starts with our initial consultation, where we go the extra mile to understand your energy consumption and future energy goals. We design systems based on individual needs, giving you options for the solar battery that suits you best. Our experts give you the right advice every time, and our only goal is to deliver a solar system that meets and exceeds your requirements.
  • Monitor energy use and save more
    The intelligent energy monitoring system included in your new Sonnen solar battery puts the power back in your hands. You can track consumption trends and even access real-time energy usage data. Armed with this valuable data, you can change how you use power. Whether it’s ensuring appliances run during sunlight hours or reducing evening energy consumption, you have control thanks to Sonnen’s incredible battery management system.

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Choosing a Sonnen battery is always a wise investment, especially since they are designed tough for Australian conditions.
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